Greek indoor plants

Greek indoor plants

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Welcome back to my garden after my holiday trip to Cornwall and Devon. Reading these tales has reminded me how many geological, meteorological, zoological and botanical features of the world the greek myths sought to explain. The male Chaffinch has a pinky red breast because the jealous goddess Hera strangled her messenger bird almost to the point of death whilst interrogating him for information about her philandering husband, Zeus. The Sahara desert is a permanently scarred strip of dry sand as Apollo allowed his supposed son Phaeton to drive the sun chariot across the world one day. The feckless inexperienced lad drove too close to the earth as he crossed North Africa hoping to wave and show off to his friend and lover below. Whilst walking my garden so many are brought to mind and I am spotting more and more plants whose names have an ancient greek derivation or meaning.

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9 Native Greek Flowers

I love my garden , although hard work, gardening is a rewarding hobby, sometimes a chore but the results make it all worthwhile. My first success with seeds and fruit stones was in , the year of the Greek Olympic Games when I had planted plum stones, peach stones, apricot stones and lemon pips, that same year, a tiny fig sapling appeared of its own accord, I nurtured that too.

I was even less hopeful when they arrived, they looked like dry dead sticks with a few straggly, bare roots, they grew, in fact they grew very well and we have glorious roses every spring! Giant Yucca! Succulents also grow very well from small cuttings; I have three or four large urns and pots absolutely overflowing with them, this one below , I especially like, I took the tiniest little piece from a plant in one of the parks in Loutraki.

My next planting of seeds will be from a Cycas Revoluta which we have had in our garden for over twenty years, very slow-growing plants, this year, for the first time, it developed a strange, yellow, large ball, I had no idea what it was, until my friend H, a great lover of plants and flowers, sent me a picture of the same thing that she had seen in Korinth.

I inspected ours again and saw that the ball was beginning to open, revealing some peculiar pink nodules, after doing some research, it turns out, our plant is female, the nodules are the fruit. H then sent me another picture of a Cycas Revoluta that she had taken in Eleusina which shows the fruit opening to show the seeds. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.

Email Address. Plumbago and basil. Young date palms. My clay pot collection. Me and a palm tree! Seeds from a palm tree. Plum blossom. Plum Crazy — All my own work. Zephirine Drouhin. New Dawn climbing rose. Cycas Revoluta. Cycas Revoluta Picture by H. Search for:. Subscribe to Blog via Email Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Welcome to Greeker than the Greeks.

Kallikantzaroi - Greek Christmas Goblins. Kalanda - Greek Carol Singing. Karavaki - the Greek Christmas Boat.

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7 best indoor house plants to spruce up your living space

In this post, we are going talk you through 10 Hardy Mediterranean Plants that are suitable for growing in UK gardens. Many of you are no doubt jetting off to warmer parts of Europe this summer; basking in the sizzling sun, sampling delicious continental cuisine and sipping local wine whilst overlooking the gorgeous Mediterranean Sea. A blissful escape is the easy part; the tricky part is coming back to reality and dealing with those dreaded holiday blues! However, there is a way to combat this — why not bring the sunshine home with you by sprucing up your garden with some luscious Mediterranean plants? All you need are bright, clean contemporary lines, drought-tolerant plants in terracotta containers and well-drained soil. Read on for our pick of the 10 best Mediterranean plants that will have your garden looking like Villa Carlotta in Lake Como, Italy…or close enough!

The history of the houseplant is wicked – from female pioneers growing gardens The Greeks decorated almost every part of their lives.

Precious Petals: 10 Miraculous Aromatic Plants Unique to Greece

This time we are heading to Greece to visit Costa. Occupation: I work in sales ,trade industrial tools. How long you have been into plants: 2 years. Where do your windows face and what plants have grown best in your home or close to those windows? I have just one large south window which is always open and has no curtains, so the greek sun is in the apartment all year round. Inside the home, I have one sansevieria laurentii, one pothos and of course my girl C alathea tricolor! Name any benefits you get from your plants: I have more oxygen, a better atmosphere and a variety of pleasant fragrances. What kind of plants do you like the most: 1 T ropical plants 2 Marantides 3 Tradescantia.

The Weirdness of Houseplant History

Every gardener knows that herb gardening requires a good, solid oregano in the mix. We pride ourselves on our culinary herb plants, and this variety has been a solid choice for years. Greek Oregano is the true oregano from the mountains of Greece. This culinary herb is very hardy.

The Green Goddess offers complete plant design and installation services.

Artificial plants

Made famous in the countrysides of France, Greece, and Italy, Mediterranean gardens have influenced many gardeners, with their soft colors, gravel walks, brightly patterned tiles, clipped hedges, informal and drought-tolerant plantings. And not to mention the delightful scent offered by the amazing number of Mediterranean plants with scented leaves. Pleasing the eye, low-maintenance and typically water-wise, the Mediterranean garden look can be easily achieved through 9 key elements. The Mediterranean climate is so agreeable that seating areas are essential. They provide a place to unwind on a balmy summer evening or enjoy a coffee with the first rays of sunshine. However, in these sun-baked gardens, shade is vital.

Growing Indoor Plants with Success

Where and When to Grow Greek Basil. Plant your basil in a place that enjoys full sun. It is great for pots, containers, but can also be planted in the ground. It requires rich soil that retains moisture yet drains well. Also make sure it is in a frost free position.

These sturdy indoor plants that are almost impossible to kill — plus, Their name literally comes from the Greek words philo- (meaning.


This herb dies back to below ground level each year in autumn, then fresh new growth appears again in spring. Our website uses cookies. We use cookies to provide you with a better service on our websites.

Homegrown in a Greek Garden

At Riza we know you want to be a successful plant parent. In order to do that you need a healthy plant and information on how to care for it. We believe that caring for your houseplant should be just as fun as picking it out. We understand that a lot goes into finding your perfect plant, which is why Riza curates and hand picks plants based on your skill level and individual needs. So you can stop feeling the shame of a wilted leaf and instead grow and flourish WITH your plants!

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Ρίζα (noun) Greek for ‘Roots’

May 21, By Jami. Just as I enjoyed finding and taking pictures of Kosovo gardens , I also had a lot of fun walking the streets of the Greek neighborhood where we stayed and finding great gardening ideas to share with you all. Of course I didn't have to walk far, because all of the photos you see above were from the courtyard of the four-apartment building where our friends live. Their landlady's family built the apartments years ago and takes care of the courtyard plantings. There is a large marble tile patio and the freesias in the bottom photos are in a marble planter. And that's the first thing I noticed about all of Greece, actually:. Patios, apartment floors, balconies, fountains, planters, benches - even the streets and curbs!

7 key elements of a modern Mediterranean garden

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