Horticulture continuing education

Horticulture continuing education

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Adult Education

Horticulture is defined as the science or art of cultivating fruits, vegetables, flowers, turf grass and ornamental plants. The field can take you in many directions, but most careers involve some type of science related to biology, chemistry, and physics.

Horticulture is closely related to agriculture, agronomy, biotechnology, entomology and landscape architecture. Horticultural research has resulted in the development of higher yielding varieties and varieties with better resistance to pests or improved flavor and appearance of horticultural products.

The science of Horticulture plays an important role in continuing research into developing better plants and food crops.

Horticulture also continues to be important in growing better plants for greenhouses and nurseries. Because these job duties and responsibilities vary so widely, you are encouraged to check the U. In many instances, transfer colleges accept this degree as equivalent to their own general education requirements.

Because the requirements for an AA transfer degree change periodically, students should check with their academic advisor or the ECC Admissions Office to confirm that they have the most current information. Students are responsible for knowing the requirements for the degree they hope to obtain and for planning their schedule accordingly.

Participants are dual-enrolled at ECC and the university with access to academic advising and student services at both institutions. The universities guarantee admission into the desired degree program, provided all requirements are met. The College offers generous scholarships and financial aid packages, which is why our graduates have one of the lowest average student debt load s of any college in Iowa, public or private, two-year or four year!

What students appreciate about ECC is our smaller class sizes , which results in more one-on-one attention from the instructor and greater classroom success. Plan A Visit.

Horticulture and Garden Centre Operations

CCM, a leader in innovative programming for the workforce, professional development and skills training, is offering two new selections that are perfect for anyone in the broader landscape-horticulture industry, or for the passionate home gardener or master gardener wishing to expand. These two classes will help improve your knowledge of plants, shrubbery and trees for effective use in seasonal and perennial landscapes for the WOW factor that everyone wants to create. Learn to ID plants effectively and then create 2-D drawings that bring your ideas to life. This hour class introduces the concept of plant palettes. It will help you identify plants for appropriate placement and selection in a variety of garden beds and settings. Plant palettes refer to selections based on color, growing season and creating harmony with a complementing balance of ground covers, annual and perennial plants, shrubbery sub-canopy and trees canopy. Learn to use the software pros use — DynaScape Design.

The Associate in Applied Science (AAS) in Landscape Horticulture program so you may need further education or degrees in order to qualify for some of.

Horticulture & Landscape Design

All OneCard services will be unavailable. See full list of services impacted ». Masks are required indoors at CCBC. This certificate is for individuals interested in obtaining an entry-level position with either a landscaping firm or a nursery as a technician. The focus of the program is to build skills in sustainable practices; plant identification; soil assessment and testing; pest maintenance; and landscape construction, installation, and maintenance. The cooperative work experience helps students determine if they are interested in the field and allows them to demonstrate their interest, work ethic, and abilities to potential employers. At the end of the program, students will be offered an interview with participating industry leaders for potential employment and will have an industry reference from their cooperative experience.

Landscape and Horticulture

Horticulturists are skilled in the cultivation of plants and the care of gardens. They may work in public parks and gardens; they may design, install and maintain the interior landscapes in public buildings and corporate headquarters; or they may work as florists, arranging plants and flowers for special occasions. Students study liberal arts and sciences at the BCC campus. At the NYBG students study both academic courses and field experience in aspects of horticulture.

Our Horticulture: Woody and Herbaceous Plants course takes an in-depth look at landscape horticulture with a focus on using woody and herbaceous plants in a variety of settings.

Agriculture and horticulture

The Central Piedmont Horticulture Technology curriculum is designed to prepare you for various careers in horticulture. Classroom instruction and practical laboratory applications of horticultural principles and practices are included. Coursework includes plant science, plant materials, propagation, soils, fertilizers, and pest management. Also included are courses in plant production, landscaping, and the management and operation of horticulture businesses. The program focuses on:.

Horticulture, A.A.S.

Masks are required indoors for all individuals at all Durham Tech campuses. The class will also meet on two Saturdays, from 9 a. Search Type search term here. Home Continuing Education Gardening Non-credit. Gardening Non-credit Short Term. Join Durham's Bountiful Backyards for an in-depth look at how YOU can grow abundant, delicious, and beautiful gardens on both the home and neighborhood scales!

Horticulture (Continuing Education) Locations: Richland. Get Started. Return to the Continuing Education Home Page · View Schedules.

Horticulture (Continuing Education)

The horticulture program at Tidewater Community College can help you grow your passion into a career. Our curriculum provides a full range of instruction, from growing plants to designing and managing landscapes, to ensure you have a well-rounded background. Explore courses ranging from planting design and plant propagation to pest management and arboriculture.

Post Secondary Horticultural and Landscape Educational Listings for Canada

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Our certificate programs, Botanical Arts , Native Plants and Ecological Horticulture , and our new Advanced Studies in Professional Horticulture are a great opportunity to learn new skills and nourish passions, whether for personal or professional growth. For more information about our new Advanced Studies in Professional Horticulture certificates, please visit this page. Each program consists of 11 required courses and several elective workshops or trips. Students may progress through the curriculum at their own pace; a highly-motivated student can complete the program s over the course of nineteen months two growing seasons. Instructors include a combination of on-staff and expert guest instructors with a variety of specialties.

Is a bachelor's degree your goal? Our two-year associate degrees A.

Horticulture and Turfgrass Management

This certificate is appropriate for high school students, undergraduates, graduates, master gardeners, and naturalists! Courses must be taken for academic credit in order to transfer them. Tailor your coursework and education based on your interests. Our program offers specializations within the certificate. Use the form below to express your interest in pursuing a certificate. Once accepted, you will receive an email with further instructions for registration.


The Horticulture Technology curriculum is designed to prepare individuals for various careers in horticulture. Classroom instruction and practical laboratory applications of horticultural principles and practices are included in the program of study. The Horticulture Technology Certificate is specifically designed to help students get ahead in their professional field of interest and is a stepping stone to those who may want to pursue a Horticulture Technology Diploma. Apply Now More Information

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